• Samuel Siebu


    Senior Vice President Human Resources in Healthcare

  • Samuel Siebu is a highly accomplished human resources executive within the healthcare industry. He was born and raised in Liberia but currently resides in the United States. Siebu is passionate about his family, faith and positively impacting others' lives.


    As a senior vice president of human resources, Siebu is responsible for implementing top-tier recruitment and retention strategies to build high-performing organizations capable of meeting present and future challenges. He genuinely desires personal development and continuing education, as demonstrated by his ongoing doctoral studies in education and human resources administration at the Drexel University School of Education in Philadelphia.


    Siebu's career spans several years in the healthcare sector, where he has held multiple leadership positions, including chief people officer for a major healthcare company in western Florida. He has also served as a vice president of human resources, system director of human resources in Ohio, and manager in charge of recruitment programs at a Silver Spring, Maryland, hospital.


    Siebu's academic journey has been long and arduous but ultimately fulfilling. As a child in Liberia, he attended St. Patrick's Catholic High School in Monrovia before moving to Cuttington University College in Suakoko to pursue undergraduate studies. However, civil conflict disrupted his education in the late 1980s.


    He then traveled to Ghana, West Africa, as a refugee to continue his education. After obtaining a bachelor's degree at the KN University of Science and Technology, Siebu relocated to The Netherlands to pursue a Master's degree. Along the way, he worked menial jobs ranging from meat processing to garbage collection.


    Eventually, Siebu arrived in the Washington DC Metro area, earning two Master's degrees, a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus and a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.


    Despite his success, Siebu remains committed to personal development and intends to achieve his doctorate shortly. He is also a certified Strategic Workforce Planner, a testament to his passion for learning and bettering himself.


    In conclusion, Samuel is an inspiring healthcare executive known for his dedication to personal growth, commitment to improving operations, and unwavering faith. His journey from Liberia to The Netherlands and then to the United States exemplifies resilience and perseverance. Siebu's accomplishments serve as an inspiration to those who strive to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

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